Kota Crafted Blog

Hello all! Welcome to the Kota Crafted Blog, where we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on everything we do – from tutorials for first-time sewers, to patterns, to behind-the-scenes looks at how we bring our products to creation. We’ll also be sharing tips for opening and operating your own craft business. When we began this venture 1 year ago, we knew it would be challenging but we didn’t fully understand how much work goes into the business side. It’s not all sewing and knitting (we wish it was!) Over the past year we’ve worked through taking product photos (and, perhaps more importantly – editing product photos), figuring out licenses and taxes we need to file here in Denver, lessons from our first flea market, and much, much more. And now we want to share it with you! Because small businesses are empowering, enriching and most importantly – fun! We want to do whatever we can to help you start or continue your own venture. And we’d love feedback and advice from all of you! We are constantly learning in this new business and the best resources we’ve utilized over the past year have been blogs just like this. So, keep reading and keep sharing – it really does help!